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HP & Dell Server

We are using HP and Dell servers in Hong Kong and China Data Centers.

1sthost Wechat Apps, Email and Firewall Expert





Next Generation Firewall,

Data Centers

VPN connected ...

Security CN-HK VPN

temporary stop personal VPN service
ONLY provide corporate site to site connection service

Public WIFI is unsecure, do you need secured eBanking; SAP; ERP ... ?
Do you know public wifi controller will keep track your internet activities ?

PPTP; L2TP; SSL-VPN; Socks5; Hardware VPN device, Secure access Google; Facebook; Whatsapp ...

VPN services only for Hong Kong or foreigners.

Working/Travelling/Doing Business in Mainland ?

* traditional VPN protocol, i.e. PPTP; L2TP; SSL-VPN may not work well now, you may need our hardware crypto VPN device.


VPN service support to run on PC, Notebook, iPhone, iPad, Android ...
Users can secure access Gmail; Facebook; Whatsapp; eBanking; ERP; SAP ... etc.

12 months subscription at HK$720/year, now only HK$600/year for ONE account,  2nd account with 20% discount

VPN Servers are on different cloud data center.

Gov is going to block VPN randomly by political policy, internet interruption may very often. You should try traditional VPN protocol first.
For the odd case, You may need our USB hardware crypto device.

call : +852.23700993, Miss Chan for detail ... click here to apply

groupware40x40 Dual Wan


VPN for Notebook
instand_Messenger Secured online banking
samsung-galaxy-pro-2 VPN for Mobile, iPhone, iPad, Android, 3G, 4G, LTE

Public Wifi may track your visited URL, you may need secured VPN

At the same time you are secured on Internet with your mobile/notebook/iPhone/iPad/Android ...  click here to apply or call : +852.23700993, Miss Chan for detail ...

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Hidden you ADSL IP / Broadband Dynamic IP

Assign a fixed IP for secured internet, i.e. Internet Banking
BUT Not allow sent spam mail !


Protective Features

Redundant Power Supply, Redundant Hard Disks
24x7 UPS NON-STOP Power, Air-conditioning
24x7 Dustness Data Center & Monitoring



Simple and Easy configuration
1 day Free Service with setup phone support
3 Hours instant Setup with phone support
7 Days Money Back

Payment Method and Period

1. Cheque or Bank in to our company Bank Account

2. PayPal , support Paypal account and all Credit Card


3. Alipay HK 香港支付寶 QRcode


4. WeChatPay HK 香港版 微信支付 QRcode


5. Octopus 八達通「好易畀」(「O! ePay」) , 7-11 支付


1~12 Months


* VPN speed is always relied on your Local ISP's bandwidth or Mobile 3G/4G Internet speed or Local WiFi speed.

* NOT allow to sent spam mail.

* VPN Service can use for Mobile, iPad, NoteBook or Computer, ONE VPN account for ONE device at the same time.

* CN Gov is going to block VPN randomly by policy, internet interruption may very often, You need to apply your own permit.


Dell Firewall


Dell 260 pfsense firewall

the best price performance 5 ports firewall solutions, include Dell hardware warranty and pfsense software support services. We have 20 years in Cyber Security field.

SmarterMail Server


The Exchange Email Server Alternative

SmarterMail offers all of the same features as Microsoft Exchange Server, but just at 10% cost. We have 20 years in Email Server projects field.

Email Server Support

it-support-services.jpgWe are providing full range support services for most Email system ... i.e. Exchange, Lotus Domino, Zimbra, mDaemon, SmarterMail, Mailenable, IceWarp, Merak, iMail, Coremail, Linux platform : Dovecot, Postfix, Qmail, Sendmail ... since year 2000, call for detail +852.23700993

OSIgate Firewall

osigate_logo_54x59.pngOSIgate have own factroy to make Firewall, SDWAN optimizer, offers a wide range of firewall appliances. Failover and Load Balancing, Local setup; installation and support provided.

Netgate Firewall

netgate-icon-154x153.pngNetgate offers a wide range of virtual and physical Firewall appliances; Failover and Load Balancing. Local setup; installation and support provided.

WeChat Apps

wechat.jpgApps on WeChat Social Network :Website on WeChat; eCommerce; Beauty Saloon, Retail; Event Manager; CRM; Hotel Apps ... Call our office : 23700993

Call Sales and Support

Please whatsapp/call office +852.23700993 or Email : sales_team @ for enquiry ...

Email Certificate

1sthost proud to provide Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates, Prevent Email spoofing, prevent forged sender. Digital Sign of Email, Encryption of Email ... etc

Email Defense System

Email Defense System : Barracuda; CommTouch AntiSpam Gateway Rental; IceWarp Merak Message Defense, Mirapoint RazorGate, RazorSafe ... etc.